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“The Digital Visionary”

Deborah Cole is the Digital Visionary known as @CoachDeb, ever since writing The 1st Book on Social Media in 2006 before the term was even coined and then the 1st book on Twitter in 2008.

When you want the 1st Movers Advantage in marketing, CoachDeb is the consultant sought out by Celebrities, Business Owners and yes, even Politicians who want their message shared with the masses.

Right now, CoachDeb’s focus is “Social Video Marketing with A.I.” helping you Create Social Videos FAST, Easy AND Fun With A.I. tools.

TOP Accolades for Deborah Cole


  • Deborah Cole, the Digital Visionary known as @CoachDeb, ever since writing The 1st Book on Social Media and Twitter, is the trailblazing force you need when you want the first movers advantage in marketing.

  • CoachDeb wrote the first book on social media marketing before the term was even coined in 2006.

  • “Secrets of Online Persuasion”, predicted Blogs, Podcasts & Video would be the main way Business Owners would market their business in the future.

  • Produced a 24/7 Record-Breaking LIVE Stream that brought in 8.8 Million in Sales in 2 weeks!

  • Highlight of Deborah’s career - Producing a Show for Larry King himself!

  • Created the strategy that got Tony Robbins his 1st One Million Fans on Twitter.

  • Oh, and yeah, she even also wrote the 1st book on Twitter in 2008, predicting it would be the tool used by Celebrities, Professional Athletes and even Presidents as their main way to communicate with the world

Coach Deb's Bio

Deborah Cole, the renowned digital visionary
known as @CoachDeb, is the trailblazing force you need when you want the first movers advantage in marketing. With her uncanny ability to predict trends long before they hit the mainstream, she’s the key to unlocking your full potential in the ever-evolving world of social video marketing.

From writing the “Social Media Trilogy” series, predicting each Media Revolution for her readers, starting with the first-ever book published on social media marketing in 2006, to foreseeing the meteoric rise of Twitter as a global communication platform, CoachDeb has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled ability to stay ahead of the curve – FAR Ahead.

Her groundbreaking work has garnered her an impressive list of accolades, including producing a record-breaking 24/7 live stream, bringing in $6.8 Million in Sales, orchestrating Tony Robbins’ million-fan Twitter strategy, and even working with the legendary Larry King.

With a daily TV show, “America Trends,” on her lists of accomplishments in the Media Revolution, CoachDeb has interviewed some of the world’s most influential celebrities, speakers, and experts, distilling their wisdom into actionable strategies for her clients.

Her latest obsession, the “Rapid Reels Revolution,” masterfully combines AI technology with short-form vertical videos like Reels, Shorts, and TikToks, promising to reshape the future of digital marketing forever.

What sets CoachDeb apart is her unwavering commitment to providing her clients with a tangible first-mover’s advantage. Inspired by Wayne Gretzky, the famous Canadian hockey player who won more games because he skates to where the puck is GOING, not to where it is right now. This strategy powered Deborah to predict every social media revolution for business owners to get the edge, faster than their competitors to capitalize on emerging trends… since the days of MySpace.

Her clients rave about her fast-paced ability to help them create a month’s worth of Reels in just one afternoon using AI apps, and her jaw-dropping hacks for creating content without showing your face or even speaking a word.

Don’t miss the chance to harness Deborah Cole’s visionary thinking and be at the forefront of the AI social video revolution.

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